Video Production Services

Great stories have a few things in common, whether they are epic feature films or 15 second teasers. There’s a hero, a journey, a struggle and a resolution. From these building blocks, Bamboo creates a video to get your message out, no matter who you’re trying to reach.

High production quality. Great storytelling. Engaged audiences and a great experience. Bamboo brings it all together.

Webcasting Services; Corporate Video Production; Film Production Services; Scripting & Storyboarding; Film Editing; Live Event Broadcasting

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  • Corporate & Web

    Your corporate communications should never be dull. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, creating videos that truly engage their shareholders.

  • Tv Commercials

    No longer just for broadcast media, TV commercials from Bamboo are produced for multiple platforms, from social media to traditional television.

  • Live Events

    Bamboo produces video for live music, cultural and sporting events that bring the excitement to the screen in stunning clarity.

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