Psychological Thriller (90 mins)

A lonely bookseller’s obsession with a former lover threatens to unravel her relationship with her adoptive sister – and expose the deadly secret of their past.

Producers: Angel Entertainment and Goonworks Films
Writer: Karen Lam
Director: Karen Lam
Stage: Produced
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Length: 90 mins
Broadcasters: Movie Central, APTN and SCN
Distributed by: Thunderbird Films

Isabelle lives alone with her two cats, and runs a shabby bookstore that is barely surviving. Her only human connection is the disembodied voice of her foster sister, Jennifer, whose protectiveness both irks and soothes her. When Isabelle’s former lover, James, suddenly appears at her store one evening, she is elated and they resume their relationship. Jennifer is frantic with worry, and with good cause: the relationship is emotionally destructive and Isabelle begins to unravel. Jennifer puts her own life on hold when she drives across the country to save Isabelle, only to be forced to confront the horrors of their shared past…