Bamboo Shoots earns nine Rosie nominations

Bamboo Shoots has received nine nominations for the 2020 Rosie Award. The Rosie awards are presented by the Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA). The nominations are:

Best Unscripted Series
Telus Community Stories – Season 2
Brent Kawchuk & Ian Chiclo, Producers

Best Public Service Announcement
“Turn Off Your Devices” – Calgary International Film Festival
Saxon DeCocq, Producer

Best Corporate Production – Over $30K
“Perry Farms” – ATB Financial
Brent Kawchuk & Chelsea Bradley, Producers

Best Corporate Production – Over $30K
“It’s Time To Make Dinner… Again” – Loblaws
Ian Chiclo, Fred Bye & Blake Horobin, Producers

Best Musical, or Variety Program or Series
“Fund Raising Gala” – National Music Centre
Brent Kawchuk, Producer

Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity
“Momo” – AMI’s Our Community
Ian Chiclo, Chandra Schatz & Blake Horobin, Producers

Best Host-Web Program, Series or Stand-alone Production
Adora Nwofor
“Living a Creative Life” – Calgary Arts Development

Best Host – Web Program, Series or Stand-alone Production
Julie Van Rosendaal
“It’s Time To Make Dinner… Again” – Loblaws

Best Editor (Unscripted Under 30 Minutes)
Nina Staum
“Lullaby” – The Other Side

The winners of the 2021 Rosie Awards will be announced in a virtual ceremony on Thursday, September 23.