Meet Bamboo Shoots

We are cinematographers and editors, writers and animators, directors and producers, hockey players and skating coaches, sports moms and volunteers – we may be film school grads, engineers, lawyers, accountants and MBAs.

We’re excited to be your next film production company.

  • Wally Start

    Co-president – With Bob Crowe, Wally runs Angel Entertainment and Bamboo Shoots. He’s quick with a smile and a laugh you can hear echo in the hallways.

  • Bob Crowe

    Co-Founder – Bob left a successful legal career to return to the motion picture industry with the launch of film and TV production house, Angel Entertainment, followed by the acquisition of Bamboo Shoots. Equally at home on a film set or in a banker’s boardroom, he contributes creative vision and financial acumen to our success. An avid horseman and an enthusiastic (if limited) musician, Bob has spent much of the last 20 years raising two kids who are cooler than him.

  • Tyler Baptist

    Editor, Colorist – Tyler is an editing ninja and has hundreds of projects under his belt from features and television episodes to documentaries, corporate videos, short films, music videos and commercials. He’s also an internationally-awarded filmmaker, owns a small cult film releasing company called Videonomicon, is a programmer at the annual Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival, and even reviews movies on his CFCR Saskatoon radio show. Tyler is somewhat interested in film.

  • Charis Bauer

    Administrative Support – At Bamboo, Charis applies her skill for creating balance and harmony to production and post production coordination. Outside of Bamboo, she has applied these same skills as a DJ in a local martini bar (“Music is a passion of mine”) and a cook (“I’m a big time foodie.”) She makes a mean baguette and is unstoppable with a grill.

  • Russ Besenski

    Marketing and Sales Manager - Russ has been with Bamboo for over 20 years. He started as a VTR tech in the age of dinosaurs and tape, but Bamboo eventually realized his skill as a coach could be put to better use as a manager (he co-coached the U of S Huskies Women’s hockey team for six years). He loves sports of all kinds and is crazy about his four grandchildren.

  • Amanda Bosiak

    Producer, Editor – Amanda has a Communications diploma from Assiniboine Community College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the U of S. She loves red wine, cats and crafting (not necessarily in that order) and is essentially an old lady at heart. She is a huge sci-fi/fantasy/anime fan, and always up for geeking out with fellow fans. Bamboo Shoots benefits from her affinity for organizing things – especially parties.

  • Chelsea Bradley

    Production Manager, Bookkeeper - After putting her dreams of making the major leagues on hold, Chelsea got her first taste of video production 2 years ago while collaborating with veterans of the industry; she has worked on commercials for Coca-Cola, Toyota, Jeep, Princess Auto and Edo Japan. When Chelsea's not swinging for the fences or obsessing over her puppy, she's production managing commercials and looking after the books for Bamboo in Calgary.

  • Ian Chiclo

    Business Development, Producer - Ian has been part of Calgary’s media landscape for over 30 years. The long-time publisher of Fast Forward, Calgary’s Urban Weekly, he also worked as a writer, editor and community radio broadcaster before bringing his knowledge of storytelling, content marketing and brand development to Bamboo Shoots. Despite a fear of heights and bears, he loves spending time in the mountains with his family.

  • Russell Cone

    Senior Mobile Producer – Rusty has 30 years of broadcasting experience. He oversees most of Bamboo Shoots’ live events, including Canada West Football Showcase, CFL Combine and the NLL Twitter Live broadcasts. Rusty always enjoys a new challenge - something Bamboo Shoots has no trouble delivering. He enjoys spending time at the lake with his wife and 2 daughters, and likes to fish, golf and watch his girls wakeboard.

  • Saxon de Cocq

    Senior Creative Director - When Saxon isn’t busy referring to himself in the third person, he is the senior creative director with the Bamboo Shoots team and has directed commercials for Edo Japan, Ens Toyota, SaskEnergy, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Saskatchewan and Ontario, to name a few. Saxon has also directed several episodes of the nationally broadcast TV show, The Other Side, on APTN.

  • Matt Duguid

    Director, Writer - Matt’s journalism background gives him uncanny story-sensing abilities. Presumably, it’s his red hair that gives him his incendiary creative flair as a writer/director for Bamboo. An avid traveler, he’s circumnavigated New Zealand by van and backpacked through Southeast Asia. His news and documentary work has appeared across Canada on CTV, CBC, TSN, and Rogers Sportsnet.

  • Bobby Goulet

    Manager, Senior Producer - Bobby is originally from Ottawa (go Sens). He studied sports business management, so you can be sure his Regina Bamboo team never drops the ball. Bobby can play guitar upside down, and believes the grunge era was the last true cultural revolution. We believe he has a soft spot for Milli Vanilli, but we’d hate to put words in his mouth.

  • Dorjan Helmeczi

    IT Technician - Dorjan is a trained Full Stack Developer and Server Administrator, as well as a bona fide cute cat video aficionado. When he’s not maintaining the infrastructure at Bamboo and responding with perfect calm to urgent technical queries, he develops apps and little tools to make things easier for himself and others. And cats.

  • James Hildebrandt

    Cinematographer, Colorist – A man of many figurative hats (but mostly one literal one) James has both a technical background in electronics as well as creative background in photography, art, and music. When not working hard at Bamboo Shoots, James always has some type of project on the go or is learning about something new.

  • Matt Holland

    Producer, Editor - Along with unstoppable creativity, Matt brings a wealth of experience in shooting, directing and editing to the Bamboo table. When he isn’t making videos you’ll find him backpacking different countries or recovering from some wacky adventure. His favorite things are playing guitar, taking his dog for a walk and pizza.

  • Blake Horobin

    Writer, Director - Blake doodles a lot (mostly scary faces) and has directed well over 100 episodes of television including Out of Country, Pet Heroes, Paul Brandt’s Build It Forward, To Be Continued as well as New Faces, a two-part music special for CBC. Blake has directed commercials and corporate videos for clients such as Tim Horton’s, WestJet, GMC, ATB, The Junos, TransCanada and Tourism Calgary. To top it all off, Blake’s short films have gained international recognition.

  • Brandon Jarocki

    DOP, Cinematographer – Brandon has over 30 years’ experience in video production. Behind Bamboo cameras, he’s worked on projects ranging from large-scale industrial videos to intimate portraits of community members. His secret superpower is disarming interview subjects and putting them, sometimes impossibly, at ease. What does he think about the job? “To work with others in creating and recreating the visions that give us our identities is both educational and entertaining.”

  • Brent Kawchuk

    Executive Producer - An industry veteran, Brent Kawchuk has written and produced award-winning television programming for networks across Canada including CBC, Bravo, YTV and Global. He produced the performance documentary Balletlujah which explores the life and music of k.d. lang; it won a 2016 Canadian Screen Award. He’s also kind-of into music and even played with Tom Hanks, once. He can also sort of make balloon animals.

  • Kolby Kostyniuk

    Director, Editor - Kolby holds a BFA in Film Production, with a minor in Creative Technologies, from the U of R. When he’s not directing corporate productions at Bamboo… wait, he’s always doing that. Or doing other things related to film or video. He describes his life like this: “Sometimes I feel like the Cable Guy. I wasn’t necessarily raised by TV, but not a day goes by that I don’t quote a film or compare my life to the movies.”

  • Meagan Laycock

    Producer, Editor - Meagan has spent over 8 years in the broadcasting industry and has a passion for all things creative. From writing clever ad campaigns to animating graphics to photography, she’s not afraid to try new things - unless it involves big bugs or heights. In her down time she’s endlessly renovating her house and enjoying the dog parks with her pup Peeka.

  • Joel Lewis

    Assistant Editor, Editor - Joel is an explorer, both professionally and personally. On any given day you might find him finishing a novel in one sitting and later catch him out on the town dancing to old school hip-hop music. Joel brings this same vast enthusiasm to work, making magic both behind the camera and in post-production.

  • Ell McEachern

    CFO – Ell is a CFA charter holder and oversees Finance and Accounting for Bamboo. She started in the industry working in departments from continuity to chyron but quickly learned that she could never white balance a camera like she can balance the books. Ell’s expertise is in raising project and corporate financing, cost accounting and control, and business affairs. She spends her off time dreaming up DIY projects to put her power tool collection to work.

  • Tracy McGillvray

    Manager, Senior Producer – Tracy has worked in the commercial film industry for 12 years. Prior to that she studied business administration, and was both a model and a talent agent. From the catwalk to herding cats, she has always loved collaborating on projects to create a beautiful outcome. Her favourite decade? Totally the 80s.

  • Randy Moffatt

    Broadcast Engineer – Randy joined Bamboo Shoots in 2003 after graduating with honours from NAIT and working in the electronics industry for 12 years. When Randy isn’t on the road with one of our production trucks you can usually find him fixing gear, building cables, or researching/ordering new equipment to expand our mobile production units. Outside work, Randy enjoys quadding, hunting, fishing, and camping.

  • Jared Peace

    Producer, Editor - Jared completed his BFA in Film Production at the University of Regina, and has directed shorts, music videos, and TV commercials. His passions include chess, Radiohead, WWII history, and playing the piano.

  • Gordon Peters

    Accountant, Human Resources - Gordon takes care of the bookkeeping for Bamboo, Angel Entertainment and all its spinoff projects. He loves to play with numbers, big or small. Gordon will happily tell you what it’s like to live in Tanzania, Nunavut, and a few other places around the globe. When he’s not at his desk, you’ll find him with his family or helping his favourite charities – or sometimes travelling to a few more faraway destinations.

  • Todd Snider

    Manager, Senior Producer – Todd has been amassing experience in almost every aspect of broadcast and video since 1991. As a producer at Bamboo, he relishes technical challenges like multiple live broadcasts (15 live Canada West Football Showcase football games for maxTV); his zen approach to herding cats is legendary in the industry. He’s also part of the MaxTron team that puts the Riders on the big screen at Mosaic Stadium.

  • Mike Sorel

    Videographer, Cinematographer - Mike has more than 20 years of experience behind the camera and brings a strong sense of visual storytelling to every project, from commercials to corporate to drama.

    His recent TV credits include the CMT series Ice Racer Showdown, and the 24-part series Pet Heroes. Highlights from his commercial and promotional reel include Tim Horton’s Tims Next Door video and the Terry Fox Heritage Minute produced for Historica Canada.

  • Nina Staum

    Editor - Nina is a post production editor with almost 20 years experience. Her diverse body of work includes TV series, documentaries, commercials, and branded content.

  • Bailey Stead

    Producer, Field Producer - Bailey got her start as an intern at Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet”. That role evolved and eventually she won a platinum award from WorldFest Houston Film Festival for a factual science feature she did on a weird-a$$ shark. She went on to try her wings at freelance; everything from NatGeo’s “Mayday” to CTV’s “Your Morning” to multiple Olympics. Some might say she’s borderline obsessed with Jerry (her Chihuahua).

  • Garry Wanner

    Senior Broadcast Engineer – Born and raised in Saskatoon, Garry is a graduate of SIAST and holds an Electronics Technician certificate. Before joining Bamboo, Garry worked for Prairie Mobile installing and maintaining radio telecommunication systems. From there Garry moved to Global TV Saskatoon as a Broadcast Technician, where he gained 5 years of live TV broadcast experience. Away from work Garry enjoys building custom drones, mountain biking, and loud music.