Mission Statement:

To harness our team’s creativity and passion to help our clients tell their best story

Core Values:

  • Passion – There’s a thirst for what we do. For something new, something different. For meeting new people. To capture a moment. To be on the sidelines, or in the front row. To tell stories that compel us. This is our passion.
  • Pride – We’re very lucky. We get to see the results of our hard work played out as moving pictures. It’s doesn’t matter when, or where. On television, in theatres. On our home TV or in a crowded pub. In a classroom or on a phone. We hope it informs, entertains and means something to those who see it. We’re proud of our work.
  • Collaboration – Our sleeves are rolled up. Regardless of who is in the room, or how many. Or what their title is. All of us come ready to work and create. To collaborate.

Bamboo Shoots Video Production


On any given day…

… you might walk into Bamboo’s boardroom and find four, thirty-something artists listening intently to a client’s story searching for that creative gem to build their video around.

…or you might go on location and see a videographer 50 feet up in the stands at a football game frantically following a player as he weaves through a sea of opponents.

… or, a cinematographer standing knee high in garbage, peering through a lens at a vibrant orange and golden sunset while waiting for a flock of seagulls to rise into the air.


On any given day,

…you might walk onto Bamboo’s film set and see actors rehearsing lines as a makeup artist applies final powder, and a gaffer readies a 10K HMI light while grips practise a dolly move.

…you might walk into an a darkened room and see an editor, lit by the glow of a monitor, pouring over hours of footage to select the right clip, or a colourist balancing luminance so that shots match, or a graphics animator perfecting the movement of a logo.

…you might just be inspired.


On any given day,

… you’ll find our craftspeople – producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, technicians, and engineers – labouring over your project.

…you’ll find our team working hard to tell your story well, day in a day out, with a dedication to push what we can do. We’ve gone from the days when film production was limited by technology, to today when Hollywood-style creative storytelling is possible even without that Hollywood blockbuster budget.

We love what we can do, and we know you’ll love it, too.


At Bamboo, finding cutting edge, creative ways to write, shoot and edit videos, and to keep up with the wild west of video marketing gets us going each morning and keeps us going late into the night.

Each project is an exciting opportunity to learn, envision, advance and find innovative ways to tell compelling, engaging stories with the right balance of triumph and adversity, obstacles and solutions, villains and heroes.

Together with the creative, passionate film production crew at Angel Entertainment, we’re here to Engage Your Audience.

Reach out anytime from anywhere. We’re ready to chat – any given day.